You Become What You Glorify

Here are six ways you become what you glorify:

  1. Your Worship- Love of money vs Love of Creator, Love of Persons vs Love of Stuff (Where do you find fullness and happiness?
  2. Your Habits- Virtues or Vices, repeated activities train yourself to be a kind of person (What habits do you seek to possess?)
  3. Your Standards- Pleasing to God or Man?, Satisfying Principles or People? (What is the standard of success?)
  4. Your Wealth- Career or Passive Income (Do you survive on only one stream of income?)
  5. Your Health – Healthy foods and activity vs unhealthy (Are you investing in your optimal health?)
  6. Your Mind- Are you constantly learning? Or, do you believe you ‘know enough’? Do you care about the truth, or do you want to appear smart?


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