False Liberalism (Fascism Education/Ideology) vs True Liberal Education

Have You Been Educated?

Three Differences Between True Liberal Education, from False-Liberal Education

First Difference: Liberal Education Develops the Authority of Reason, but False-Liberal Education the Authority of State/Party/Group

Second Difference: Liberal Education Develops Freedom of the Person, from the Passions, and from the State, but False-Liberalism Cultivates the Passions for Service to the Party/State/Institutions

Third Difference: Liberal Education Emphasizes Unity Above Division, but False-Liberalism Emphasizes Division, for Motivating Passions for the Party’s Goals

4 Tests for See if You’ve Received a LIberal Education:

1. What can you question? Are things open for discussion, or are discussions shut down because they are ‘harmful’?
2. Do you believe that feeling is more important than reasoning? (than you probably, are yet to be liberalized)
3. What rules you? Passions or principles?
4. Does your party/group/tribe seek understanding or compliance?

Recap in Other Words

-But Fascism cultivates a ‘party’ identity, where being obedient to the party narrative is constantly echoed, and getting its members ‘aware’ of its favorite issues
-Liberal Education makes you an independent thinker, not a passionate follower
-Liberal Education makes you an independent citizen, not a mere member that echoes
-Liberal Education helps you guard against the tyranny of the self, as well as the tyranny of the State, not the blind support of the party’s causes

What do you think?

For a more complete discussion on this, see Adler’s book on Reforming Education.

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