Intro to Rational Discussion

What is the Point of a Rational Discussion?

 How do you have a rational discussion?

What are some necessary conditions of rational discussion?

Here are some answers:

Goals of a Rational Discussion: Not winning, but cooperatively getting to the truth.Means: Argument construction, weighing of premises, logical validity, testing conclusions against the rest of our knowledge

Necessary Conditions: Logical axioms, minimal real contact with reality beyond the world, goodwill towards your dialectical opponent (the person you’re talking to). 

Less Systematically: You can’t reason well if…

  1. If you don’t want truth first, and winning second

2. If you can’t discerner between emotions and reasoning, 

3. If you efuse to admit that you might be wrong, 

4. If you don’t believe that you’re in a cooperative enterprise,

 5. If you don’t respect the results of reasoning (otherwise, reasoning has no authority) 

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